The Dynamism of Action and the Truth of Love

By Livio Melina|2024-03-04T11:00:23+01:0024 July 2021|Action, Fundamental Morals, Love, Twelve Theses|

Exploring the experience of the dynamism of action from the perspective of the “first person,” we are able to discover the logic of love as the original source of our aspiration toward the good. In this way, we can see that the logic of love is at the same time the logic of the gift. The gift is given freely. It is at the root of our freedom. The gift stimulates our freedom, so as to bring it to its fulfillment by giving itself in turn. The truth about the good, expressed by the law and realized in the virtues, is therefore not a limitation, but rather the condition for an adequate response to the vocation of life itself, which is the vocation to love.