Review: Matthew Levering, Engaging the Doctrine of Marriage, Cascade Books, Oregon 2020

By Stefan Kaminski|2024-03-04T10:58:44+01:0025 August 2021|Book Reviews, Marriage and Family, Sacraments|

Levering has produced a volume rich in breadth, in source material and in themes. Each chapter achieves three things: a retrieval of important source material; an engagement with contemporary theology (critics included); and a clear endpoint for earthly marriage as an image of the mystical marriage. The book’s clear, eschatological focus is a powerful and needed reminder in the face of a loss of faith, and its content an invaluable resource.

Sexual Difference: The Path to Generative Communion

By Alberto Frigerio|2024-02-05T17:23:39+01:001 August 2021|Anthropology, Body, Marriage and Family, The Twelve Theses|

The biological and psychological sciences attest to the existence of difference between male and female. What is needed now is not continually to repeat this as if it were an obvious truism, but a philosophical and theological reflection in order to develop the necessary conceptual tools for demonstrating its anthropological meaning.

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